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Bitcoin is an innovation both as an asset and as infrastructure. When it comes to infrastructure, there are many ongoing, analogous experiments attempting alternative tradeoffs. As an asset, it has inaugurated a class non-correlated to stocks, currencies and commodities.

Bitcoin's unmatched properties as an uncensorable store of value and the potential of supplementary use cases confere to crypto-assets the most asymmetric risk-return among investment alternatives, given their insignificant capitalization in face of traditional financial markets.


The industry is too young for consensual valuation models. But technical due diligence and existing data sources reveal rich enough fundamentals. We long assets we believe will accrue most value long-term, and short those of relatively unjustified capitalisation.


We rely on proprietary algorithms and fundamental analysis to identify cycles and explore price dynamics, rebalancing our portfolio in positions that are most sensible to the direction of each movement.


Exposure to not-bitcoin assets is controlled according to their maturity, economic model and niche. We hedge against downtrends with short positions and further derivatives.

We offer investors prompt support regarding quotas and crypto-related issues.
Our signature report on the state of the market is issued every January, May and September.